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As a conservative senior, you’ve given a lot for this great nation. Now enjoy all the senior benefit services that you deserve. At the NAOCS, we make it our mission to make your life better. By joining us a member, you’ll have improved access to senior citizen programs and receive senior benefit services at a significant discount.


At the NAOCS, we’re committed to ensuring that our members have full access to the Medicare benefits that they have paid for through their hard work and tax dollars.





Better Care for Back or Arthritis Pain

If you are coping with chronic back pain or arthritis and you are currently enrolled in Medicare, the cost of your supplies, and other equipment may be covered at little or no cost. Let NAOCS stand up for your interests. We have the resources to make sure that you receive the care and supplies you need without adding undue expense. As one of the most active organizations of conservative seniors in the nation, we can help. Here’s how:


We will securely submit your information to our partners to help determine if you are covered. By submitting this information, you authorize NAOCS and its affiliates, subsidiaries, and parent company to contact you by mail, email, or telephone. Please be assured that we value and protect your privacy.


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“*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER Contact your physician, medical professional and insurance carrier concerning your medical necessity on these types of products and services. In some situations, paid actors are reenacting mobility and medical scenarios. We do not guarantee coverage. Medicare is one of the many insurance types accepted by our accredited suppliers. Orders must be approved medically necessary by your doctor or medical professional. Little or no cost with primary and supplemental insurance and copays and deductibles apply. Your insurance must be eligible to qualify. The Back Brace, Mobility, Brace Hotline, Health Alert, Pain Relief, Pain Solutions Hotlines and Senior Health Connect are advertising Agency Brands that work with accredited suppliers and have an existing relationships. Not all suppliers are evaluated by the Back, Pain, Health Alert, Mobility and Senior Health Connect Hotlines. Please call your insurance company or consult with your physician for other options for service. If you are not eligible for our services, we will advise on various other options to receive these products. This program is for information purposes only and cannot be perceived as us giving medical, scientific, or legal advice. Please contact your medical professional for specific information on any ailment or treatment needed for what you are experiencing. By calling, I am giving my permission for my doctor to be called, faxed, and for me to receive follow up calls at any point before or after I receive a potential shipment. I consent to receive information on products not limited to spinal support braces and/or knee braces on this phone call or subsequent phone calls until such a point I indicate not to do so. Products may differ from the product shown. Service may be conducted by other subsidiaries. I am permitting calls to be automatically dialed. All calls will be recorded. If I am on a do not call list, by opting in, I am waiving this right.”




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