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Member signup page—Join other conservative seniors at NAOCS!

Ready to take your political action to the next level? Add your voice to those of other patriotic conservative seniors! By joining the NAOCS, you’ll become a vital part of one of the most active conservative senior organizations in America today. Register for Gold Patriot Membership in the National Association of Conservative Seniors (NAOCS) and you will gain instant access to your elected and appointed government officials.


How? Just “click to call”! Reserved for the exclusive use of Gold Patriot conservative seniors, the Click to Call  online system is easy to use. Just click on the link embedded with the official’s telephone number. Then, using the box labeled Enter Your Phone Number, type in your own number. That’s all there is to it!


Once you click the button, the system immediately calls both you and the official you wish to contact! Simply answer your phone, wait for an answer, and then let the dialogue begin! As a Gold Patriot NAOCS member, you are entitled to unlimited use. Be sure to let elected officials know that you are member of NAOCS, one of the most vocal organizations for seniors!


Sign up now and you can call your elected officials right away. You will be able to call White House staff, senators, governors, state representatives, cabinet members, even the offices of the Supreme Court—all with just the click of a mouse.  Be ready to tell any and all government officials what you, as a conservative senior, think of their performance. For only $5 a month, make unlimited calls to America’s politicians. And yes, you are free to cancel at any time.





This is high value for low cost. As a Gold Patriot member, you will also enjoy all the benefits, discounts, and features of our Silver Membership. Sign up as a Gold Patriot NAOCS Member RIGHT NOW and NAOCS will send you a FREE Voucher toward a three-day “Getaway to Paradise” in one of more 40 locations!* Please, take this opportunity and let us welcome you to the NAOCS.

*Subject to availability. Certain restrictions may apply.

Refund Policy:

Gold Patriot Membership is $60 and it comes with a free vacation. NAOCS will refund this fee if the vacation is returned unused. The Silver Membership is free.