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Our values are getting you what you are entitled to, and understanding how we can keep as much money in your pocket that we can.

About Us

NAOCS is a conservative alternative for American Citizens. Membership is free, and we have many exclusive benefits and services for our members. As a group, we can also hold politicians and elected officials accountable.

The National Association of Conservative Seniors (NAOCS) principles are to protect conservative and traditional values in the United States of America. NAOCS also provides services and benefits to American citizens 60 and over, ranging from travel, low-cost insurance programs, entertainment, discount prescriptions, voting and political information, quality of life opportunities, and much more. In addition, as part of the free membership, members of NAOCS can enjoy exclusive discounts on a variety of services they seek out.

"We believe these are the best years of our lives," said John White, NAOCS founder and President. "Our goal is to provide our members with benefits and services that make their lives just a little bit easier to focus more time and attention on the things that matter - family, friends, faith, and country."

NAOCS members have exclusive access to various deals, including travel deals, discounts to their favorite restaurants and other businesses, healthcare and wellness offerings, financial services, and automotive benefits.

NAOCS partners with leading companies in many industries.

Your Voice Heard in Washington

Too often, the average American worker is left out of decisions in Washington. I have dedicated my life to ensuring that I fight to get our members the benefits they are entitled to as American citizens. Since 2000 we have seen rapid changes in our world, and someone needs to be the voice of reason. There is no cost to our membership. So join us and make your word known.

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